Tadeja Ternar manekenska šola



Tadeja Ternar

The Tadeja Ternar Modelling school works with experts of excellent references. Of course, Tadeja is present in all classes and at the children´s modelling school.

Nina Rajbar

Nina Rajbar

Nina Rajbar is a well-recognized runway and modelling coach and has worked in many projects. After longtime modelling experiences at home and abroad she coordinated many modelling classes, as a runway coach on prestige beauty contests.

Tanja Zrinsky

Tanja Zrinski

As a professional photographer she is most known for creating fashion stories that combine various images of surrealism and mysticism. She is working for and with many fashion magazines and with a lot of famous people from slovenian music scene. Italian online version of Vogue magazine posted Tanja's 13 fashion photos, among which there were also Tadeja Ternar and Nina Rajbar.

Mihaela Morgan

Mihaela Margan

Mihaela Miša Margan is a well-known catwalk coach and dance choreographer, who is responsible for children's modelling-dance classes. Many years of experiences on fashion shows and events, make her, an unique contribution to the quality of this school. With her great sense for working with children she will make classes fun and educational. Miša has more than a decade of experiences when it comes to working with children or giving dance and modelling classes.



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