Tadeja Ternar manekenska šola

Modelling classes

1. Modelling class for girls and boys

Beginners class and couseling

It takes 16 hours in 4 months and includes:

  • catwalk training,
  • public performance training,
  • fashion posing with a professional photographer,
  • styling, advising and tips,
  • round tables with Tadeja Ternar.

At the end of a successful finished class, you receive a diploma certificat, three professional studio photos, and you will have the oportunity to present your new knowledge in a fashion show.


Catwalk training (continuing class)

Lasts for 3 months with 12 hours and offers:

  • choreographies,
  • modelling and other advices by Tadeja Ternar,
  • individual counselling by arangement,
  • three fashion photos.

At the end of a class you receive a diploma certificat, three fashion photos and you will present yourself in a fashion show.


2. Modelling-dance school for children(from 4 years on)

Beginners class for children

Lasts for 4 months and encompasses 16 hours. It will be in two semesters: from October to January and from February to May. The class offers:

  • public performance training,
  • catwalk and posture training,
  • development of motorical abilities,
  • fun and educational classes with Tadeja Ternar,
  • dance choreographies,
  • three professional photos for children.

At the end of this class you will receive a diploma certificate and three professional photos. At the end of a school year children will also have the oportunity to participate in a fashion show.


Countinuing class for children

All participants of a modelling-dance classe have the oportunity to continue their training of modelling-dance knowledge. The class takes 4 months and includes 16 hours. In this class we offer:

  • public performance improvements,
  • catwalk improvement,
  • fashion choreographies,
  • dance choreographies,
  • educational and fun classes with Tadeja Ternar,
  • fashion shows preparations.

At the end of this class children gain the knowledge, which they present in a fashion show at the end of a school year. Additional professional children's photos can be arranged.


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